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”Vade Francisco et repara domum meam”

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Stage 2° Marzanella - Premilcuore


Start out on the Cammino again for the second stage!
Turning left at the first fork on the ridge, you pass over Monte Busca and go down the asphalt road to Portico, following the signposts. At the fork turn left towards Querciolano, go down till you reach a stone carriage road (after the agriturismo “La Montanara”) on the right indicated by “Laghi” (“Lakes”), that becomes a beaten track in the final part. Take the asphalt road again and Portico is about 10-minute walk. Cross the main road (s.s.), reach the Old Convent where you can meet Mrs Marisa (a real friend of pilgrims) and have breakfast!
Turning right, after a few steps from the Old Convent, pass through a tunnel and come out in front of a river; cross the old bridge Ponte della Maestà and turn right. After a short time you meet a fountain, excellent for drinking. Before the fountain and a lime tree, on the left of a building, go up the steep paved mule-track.
Reach a junction, go  straight ahead, following the path indicated with red and white signposts. Arrive at a wooden gate: please, close it after your passage! Go up till you find an open field and follow the barbed wire fencing on the right. Now a steep uphill path starts and at the top you will see a house (Podere della Chiesa)  on the left with a metal fencing all around for the cows on pasture. After a while there is the gate on the right. Following the red and white signposts, enter an asphalt road. Follow it for about 50 m, then turn right into a small wood. Arriving at a house (La Casetta), take the dirt track and go on for 10 mins, then leave it to walk along the old well-indicated mule-track on the left. After 10 mins, reaching the pass, turn right, follow the red and white signposts. Go up along a barbed wire fencing on the left. After 6-7 mins there is a small metal gate; the barbed wire is now on the right of the path. After 13-14 mins (1 hr 40 mins from Portico) there is another small metal gate: both of them must    be carefully closed.
In this area look for an inscription that indicates Monte Orlando (alt. 738 m) and, after about 10 mins, you can make out a small building on the right probably used as a hide.On the left (about 2 hrs from Portico) you meet the junction of the path 343 in the direction of Piane as shown by an inscription. This way is suggested, passing through Casalino, Monte, Casetta, Rio dei Campi with its derelict church (“sail” bell tower) and churchyard, that, in about 50 mins of descent, gets you on to the asphalt road (s.s.) down in the valley at 1.5 km from Premilcuore. In 15-20 mins you can reach the town, leaving the main road and turning at the first bridge on the left. Cross the village and proceed for 1 km till you reach the refuge (Ca’ Ridolla) at Petriccio.
Walking time from Portico to Premilcuore (through Piane): 6 hrs – 6 hrs 30 mins.

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