Cammino di Assisi - cammino ufficiale di San Francesco   Città del Cammino

”Vade Francisco et repara domum meam”

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The needle of the compass to direct you along the way to Assisi

- Itinerary of the pilgrimage, recommended stops:


0. Rifugio Benedetta Bianchi Porro di Dovadola Rifugio 

1. Dovadola - Capannina Km 21  Capannina 

2. Capannina -Premilcuore Km 21 Premilcuore

3. Premilcuore - Corniolo Km 18 Corniolo

4. Corniolo - Camaldoli Km 22 Camaldoli

5. Camaldoli - Biforco Km 19 Biforco

6. Biforco-La Verna Km 9 Verna

7. La Verna-Caprese Michelangelo Km 23 Caprese

8. Caprese Michelangelo - Sansepolcro Km 25 Sansepolcro

9. Sansepolcro - Città di Castello Km 29 Città di Castello

10. Città di Castello - Pietralunga Km 30 Pietralunga

11. Pietralunga - Gubbio Km 27 Gubbio

12. Gubbio - Valfabbrica Km 34 Valfabbrica

13. Valfabbrica - Assisi Km 16 Assisi

The journey is about 300 kms long, walkable in about 11-13 days. See the confomation

- Alternative Itinerary

He itinerary passes through unique sites, linked to the spirit of the pilgrimage. We are speaking not only about St. Francis and St. Anthony, who left their indelible trace in the history of

the Pilgrimage, but also about many other spiritual pilgrims who have undoubtedly raised the quality of this way.
We pass through Assisi, La Verna (the sacred mount of the stigmata), Gubbio, Montecasale, and then through other Franciscan centres with an important spiritual meaning, such as the hermitages of Cerbaiolo, Monte Paolo (Anthony’s first home in Italy), Casella, etc., not forgetting the hermitage and the Benedictine  monastery of Camaldoli.
The villages along the itinerary respect the traditional Franciscan presence, while the connecting paths have been chosen reflecting the ancient lines of communication and at the same time extolling the best panoramic views. We have tried to offer a stimulating naturalistic and cultural itinerary. Furthermore, the way has also been studied to guarantee the safety of the pilgrims: the isolated areas and paths of the mountains have been avoided in order to keep risks to a minimum.
80% of the itinerary is also practicable by bicycle; this “new” kind of pilgrimage has replaced the horseback way of the past.
A close collaboration is carried out with Forest Corps and Park Guards, because we cross many territories under their control.
Starting from Dovadola, Rocca San Casciano, Portico, Premilcuore, Santa Sofia (Corniolo, Campigna), we enter Tuscany walking along a very beautiful ridge immersed in the Casentino Park, reaching Badia Prataglia (municipality of Poppi), Chiusi della Verna, Michelangelo Caprese, Pieve Santo Stefano, Sansepolcro, and then we pass into Umbria crossing Città di Castello, Pietralunga and Gubbio, where we can choose the itinerary to Valfabbrica (the classical Franciscan way) or to the wonderful park of Monte Cucco, passing through Gualdo Tadino, finally arriving at Nocera Umbra and walking along the same path of the last “extreme Journey” of St. Francis to Assisi.