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Casentino Forest Park


From the naturalistic point-of-view, the Park excels as one of the most interesting forest areas of Europe. Inside there is the Natural Integral Reserve of Sasso Fratino, set up in 1959. It is also a territory with inhabited centres rich in history and architectonic testimonies, that offer the visitor a wonderful natural frame, rich in flora and fauna. You can see the most important race of wolves in the North of Appennines, and furthermore five species of ungulates: wild boar, roe deer, deer, stag and chamois. Inside the Park there are also two centres of great charm and spiritual importance: the Sanctuary of La Verna and the hermitage of Camaldoli.

Owing to the massive exodus happened after the second world war, the number of the present inhabitants of the Park has been reduced to about 1.500 people. The protected area can be visited with pleasant excursions on foot, in mountain bike, on horseback or, in winter, with skis for excursion along the almost 600 kms of paths.


The National Park of the Casentinesi Forests offers a unique emotion and an unforgettable experience: to discover one of the oldest forests in Europe. Impressive forests, rich in mixed woods, cover, in fact, nearly all the territory of the Park. You can go cross from one side to the other without leaving luxuriant, green cloak that covers it. Millennium forests have witnessed the continuous evolution of nature and are impregnated with history. The relation with man has very remote and well documented roots since 1012, when Saint Romualdo created the Order of Camaldolesi Monks, who have been the keepers and managers of this heritage for centuries.

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