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”Vade Francisco et repara domum meam”

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Way of Assisi: ... September and October are months of pilgrimage ...
the pilgrims of this pilgrimage automatically become co-founders! ... on departure it will be delivered:
la Credenzial, the technical guide of the route, with translation into English, hat and brooch with logo. In Assisi, the "Assisi" scroll is removed at the end of the pilgrimage.

Winter photos of the way of Assisi:Vai

Why a Pilgrimage franciscan… in Italy?

Saint Francis and Saint Anthony, the Seraphic Founder and the Learned Apostle (meo episcopus) of the Franciscan Order, are two great "figures" who have stirred the perpetual engine of humble and simple spirituality, a perpetual source for all people who are suffering from an existential aridity.

Thanks to these suppositions, the wish to offer a Pilgrimage was born aimed at fulfilling the new spiritual requirement. Differently from the past, it is a research of "movement" where the pilgrim wants to explore in primis original experiences just to open himself to the compassion of that Love "that moves the sun and the other stars".

Apparently the purpose of the pilgrim is to walk to Assisi, but in reality "he advances towards himself" to join the Divine within. The Pilgrimage to Assisi is not a recognised pilgrimage as you might suppose, but it is the fusion of many other short traditional pilgrimages, that already existed in the local sphere (See: Assisi, La Verna, Casella, Cerbaiolo, Montecasale, Montepaolo). These ways are linked to peculiar devotions and, lived in this spiritual dimension again, will give a new surge to the interior research, renewing the essence of Francisco’s doctrine. So it should be, not only the stones to testify to the stranger His Teaching, but also the renewal of the original Franciscan fraternity along the pilgrimage and in the community of Assisi itself.

The town of Assisi will be raised as a "Landmark of Universal Reference" for all men of goodwill, overcoming in this way any distinction of Culture and Belief in syntony with the Fundamental Principles of every True Religion.

Pilgrimage to Santiago and Assisi wined

Just in the month of July (2007), the councillors of Santiago and Assisi decided to twin these two towns for the common cultural and spiritual affinities, re-proposing the pilgrimage as a real source of a "new" evangelisation.