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”Vade Francisco et repara domum meam”

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The pilgrim's equipment - Assisi way


One of the pilgrim’s first problems is to decide what to carry along the itinerary. It is always difficult to leave our daily comforts at home and we usually take a load that is 30% superior to the necessary.
The technical experts suggest that our backpack should not exceed 1/6 of our body weight; this is only an indicative measure as everybody has a different constitution and performance.
It is absolutely necessary to take only the essential things with us as, in any case, we can find everything along the way.
The list of necessary things:

  • Backpack: 55/65 litres – ideal weight 1,5 kg (however the professional ones weigh about 2 kgs) + backpack cover for the rain;
  • sleeping bag: light (1 kg max);
  • underwear: 3 pairs of pants and bras (microfibre);
  • trousers: 2 pairs trousers with zip at half leg to be transformed in shorts (or of linen). Light and easy to dry;
  • t-shirts: at least 3 of technical fabric
  • socks: 3 pairs of technical fabric and of the best quality because the feet are the most important part of the pilgrim’s body;
  • shoes: a good choice is essential. There are different types: professional trekking shoes (high or low), shoes of rubber canvas: anyway they have to be waterproof (gorotex) and already tried to ensure comfort. In recent times special trekking sandals are often used. Moreover a second pair of lighter shoes is recommended for relaxing after the walk or in case of emergency;
  • slippers: for the shower and during relaxing;
  • sweater: for evenings or cool weather;
  • handkerchiefs: a pair;
  • hat: in technical straw with large brim or another light hat/cap + a waterproof hat/cap;
  • jacket and trousers: waterproof, light, in gorotex, or a professional cloak (instead of the jacket);
  • containers: water-bottle of PET (1/2 litre) or the traditional canteen; recently there is the “sucking” one that can be put into the backpack;
  • towels: at least a pair, not very large but absorbent. The  microfibre ones are very light and comfortable;
  • neckerchief: it can sometimes be useful to protect the throat from the wind;
  • toilette case: soap; tooth-paste; nail scissors; safety pins; needle; various skin and muscle care creams;
  • medical kit: sticking plasters and special ones for blisters (Compeed), anti-complaining and anti-septic drugs (Betadine). Anyway don’t worry: you can find everything along the way!
  • something else: sunglasses; flashlight; clothes line and pegs; guide of the Pilgrimage; camera; pen knife; notebook and pen for keeping a diary; mobile; ear plugs (some people snore!); trekking stick (useful but not essential) and the …
  • credential, of course!!!


Backpack weight distribution
sleeping bag, mattress, waterproof clothes, sweater
kitchen utensils, food, clothes
water, little pots, camp stove, tent, food.