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”Vade Francisco et repara domum meam”

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Important advice for the pilgrims of the cammino


Way of Assisi: ... September and October are months of pilgrimage ...
the pilgrims of this pilgrimage automatically become co-founders! ... on departure it will be delivered:
la Credenzial, the technical guide of the route, with translation into English, hat and brooch with logo. In Assisi, the "Assisi" scroll is removed at the end of the pilgrimage.

Unlike the Santiago Trail where, once the pilgrim receives the credential, he/she can autonomously decide the starting date of his/her pilgrimage, on the Assisi Trail this is not possible due to the limited number of available places along the way.
Therefore,in order to avoid any probable inconvenience, departure dates are monitored so to guarantee to all pilgrims the certainty to be welcomed at the end of each leg of the trail. Access to the Refuges is available only to those holding the credential.


  1. To obtain the approval of the starting date, you must fill in the following form (Request Form) and send it by email to collegium@camminodiassisi.it
  2. Your preferred starting date must be agreed upon by the Association. In case your selected date is no longer available since the maximum number of pilgrims has been already reached, a different date will be negotiated and agreed upon.
  3. Once the starting date has been officially set, all other formalities will be completed once you are at your starting place. The Association will be available for any further explanation regarding logistics.
  4. Dovadola is the standard starting place. In order to facilitate the registration procedure make sure that you get there with a copy of the filled in Request Form and you identify yourself as a “Pilgrim Member”.
  5. In Dovadola you will receive all the documents which you will need along the pilgrimage (credential, guide, list of refuges, all other relevant and useful information). Finally, those who are spending the night in Dovadola will be directed to the Benedetta Bianchi Porro Refuge.
  6. If you plan to start in a place other than Dovadola, the necessary arrangements will be agreed upon once the Request Form is processed.
  7. The credential (Credenziale) is the document which certifies your “pilgrim status”, which is recognized by all involved parties. To maintain its validity, you must stamp your credential at each end-place. The credential allows you to accede to favorable conditions in the public service structures set along the way which have an agreement with the Association. It also grants access to the private structures which serve as Refuge, with due respect to the law in force which allows access only to Members.
  8. The free association, called “La Compagnia del Cammino di Assisi”, is delegated to harmonize the reception logistics in the best possible way, while it is deprived of all obligations regarding the activities of the pilgrim, who takes upon him/herself full responsibility for his/her conduct both along the trails and in the structures where he/she is staying.
  9. At the end of the Trail, presenting the stamped Credential at the porter's lodge of the Sacred Convent in Assisi, it is possible to get the certificate (devotionis causa) of the accomplished pilgrimage, called “Assisiana".
  1. Very important advices:
    1. The pilgrimage is not a vacation, but a strong lifetime experience which must be faced with courage and humility, since it is useful to awake atavic energies which in many of us are asleep. It is therefore a great opportunity to regain possession of this ancient treasure, which is a nice gift that each one of us can do to him/herself!!!
    2. The route of the Cammino is very demanding, especially in the first part. The pilgrimage must therefore be well prepared both mentally and physically if you want to fully enjoy its consequent benefits.
    3. Those of you who are planning to start in group should reserve, during each day of walking, many hours to walk in solitude so to be ready in the moment when his/her “Inner life” has a change to freely and frankly converse with his/her own Conscience. This is a great opportunity to be gained day by day. It is a real wonder to be able to experiment these existential circumstances.
    4. The pilgrimage is a lapse of time of sober life. Needs will therefore be minimal, but always preserving the efficiency of our body, which must be nourished with a right and appropriate diet and with a good nightly rest.
    5. The behaviour towards the reception structures should be very respectful, even in the event that, for any different reason, the service will not be deemed suitable. In thos unfortunate situation, try to remember S. Francis teachings on joy (see 'The Little Flowers of St. Francis': “Perfect Joy”)
    6. The paths of the Cammino wind for the most part along the Appennini mountains and the cellular phone network is, in some parts, really deficient. Therefore, when you are walking on these paths you should increase your attention level, especially going downhill and even more if you are tired. This warning is referred in particular to those who are walking the Cammino alone.
    7. The Cammino di Assisi is, after the Santiago Trail, the most famous pilgrimage route in the world. It is useful to stress the twinning which links both trails: if the Spanish trail is, has been in the past  and will be in the future, the most important European cultural event, the Franciscan trail is certainly a stronger Spiritual and Environmental experience.
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