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”Jdi, Františku, a oprav můj dům”

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How the Pilgrimage to Assisi was born!!!


The Pilgrimage to Assisi was nearly spontaneously born from the fusion of many other short traditional pilgrimages, that already existed in the local sphere (See: Assisi, La Verna, Casella, Cerbaiolo, Montecasale, Montepaolo). These ways are linked to peculiar devotions and, lived in this spiritual dimension again, will give a new surge to the interior research, renewing the essence of Francis’s doctrine.

So it should be, not only the stones to testify to the stranger His Teaching, but also the renewal of the original Franciscan fraternity along the pilgrimage and in the community of Assisi itself.

So this new opportunity of pilgrimage stands in a wonderful natural Italian scenery, that has grown under the spiritual guidance of two great saints, Francis and Anthony, to brighten up the flame of "that Love that moves the sun and the others stars" that every man nearly unconsciously carries in himself.

Pilgrimage to Santiago and Assisi wined

Just in the month of July (2007), the councillors of Santiago and Assisi decided to twin these two towns for the common cultural and spiritual affinities, re-proposing the pilgrimage as a real source of a "new" evangelisation.